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The Founder Gym Team hosts FREE Master Classes for founders who are interested in experiencing the power of the FG Cohort, before submitting their official cohort application. FG Master Class attendees will receive exclusive bonuses, not offered anywhere else. The FG Master Classes are 100% virtual, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. 

Build the Perfect Pitch Deck

Startup investors don’t read business plans; they review pitch decks. A pitch deck is a series of slides that tell an investor why they should invest in your company. For instance, it answers critical questions like, Why this? Why now? and Why you? In this Master Class, Founder Gym’s CEO, Mandela SH Dixon, will walk you through all the “Do’s and Don’ts” required to perfect your pitch deck. Whether you’re showcasing your deck on stage at a pitch competition or demo day, sending your deck privately via email, or presenting it live at an investor meeting, this Master Class will ensure your pitch deck makes the perfect first impression.

The First 6 Steps to Fundraising

Fundraising for your company is a cheat code to winning – it gives you access to investors and networks who will help you grow your tech startup. To be successful, you need to have a clear strategy to secure the bag and avoid many of the common pitfalls that waste founders’ time. Come discover the crucial first steps to starting your fundraising process on the right foot.

Monday, Dec 9th: 5-6pm PST

Monday, Dec 16th: 5-6pm PST


How to Craft the Perfect Investor Email

Email is the #1 tool investors use to communicate with founders, but most founders do not know how to write an email that investors want to respond to. In fact, the vast majority of emails that founders send to investors never make it anywhere, except for the trash. Don’t be one of those founders. Come learn how to master the art of getting investors to pay attention to you!

Monday, Dec 2nd: 5-6pm PST

Thursday, Dec 12th: 12-1pm PST

Thursday, Dec 19th: 12-1pm PST

“I came to the class to better understand the fundraising process and determine if it was right for my business and I am now confident that I am absolutely on the right path. Until tonight I wasn't sure if my ideas were too big or all over the place. Now I know for a fact that they are not! Grateful for the gems.”
Teddi Jackson
Founder of United Kweendom
Waldorf, MD

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