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Founder Gym is the leading online program training underrepresented founders on how to raise money to scale their tech startups.

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The Million Dollar Club

Founder Gym alumni all over the world are successfully raising money. Here’s a snapshot of those who have raised $1 million or more!

Shani Dowell

CEO, Possip
FG Cohort 1 Graduate

$1MM raised
Possip uses text-based pulse checks to help families share praise, feedback, and information with schools.
Joshua Aviv

CEO, Spark Charge
FG Cohort 7 Graduate

$1MM raised
SparkCharge makes a modular, portable charging unit to charge electric vehicles ultra-fast.
Amy Nelson

CEO, The Riveter
FG Cohort 1 Graduate

$20.5MM raised
The Riveter is a modern day union for working women providing community, content, resources, and coworking spaces
Jasmine Shells

CEO, Five to Nine
FG Cohort 2 Graduate

$1MM raised
Five to Nine is an event management platform for companies to track internal program success by analyzing employee feedback and engagement.
Sharmi Albrechtsen

CEO, SmartGurlz
FG Cohort 3 Graduate

$1.9MM raised
SmartGurlz is a STEM education company that creates products for kids and schools, aged 5 to 12.
Sevetri Wilson

CEO, Resilia
FG Cohort 1 Graduate

$2.1MM raised
Resilia helps non-profits maintain compliance, and assists grant-deploying entities in the management of their grantee relationships.
Kati Radziwon

CEO, iFlipd
FG Cohort 2 Graduate

$3.1MM raised
iFliped enables users to rent e-books, share them, and get rewarded in the process.
Kishau Rogers

CEO, Time Study
FG Cohort 2 Graduate

$1.25MM raised
Time Study is an enterprise SaaS solution that analyzes how employees spend their time.
Susan Sierota

CEO, Waggit
FG Cohort 2 Graduate

$5MM raised
Waggit is a health and well-being monitor for dogs to improve and extend their lives.
Yemi Adewunmi

Co-Founder, Civic Eagle
FG Cohort 3 Graduate

$2MM raised
Civic Eagle helps advocacy organizations and enterprise business leaders win their legislative and policy initiatives with A.I. driven legislative intelligence and collaboration software.

We Do ThingsDifferently.

Via 6-week online cohorts, founders complete structured exercises and receive expert training from seasoned investors and funded-founders. Upon completion of the rigorous training program, FG Graduates are equipped with the knowledge, network, and know-how to successfully raise capital to scale their tech startups.

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Over 75 accelerator directors, angel investors, venture capitalists, startup lawyers, and funded-founders in Silicon Valley and beyond have joined Founder Gym to train the next generation of successful tech startup founders. The FG Cohort curriculum and structure has been influenced by these world-class trainers.

Now Accepting Applications for FG Cohort 14

Founder Gym is the first online training program specifically designed to help underrepresented tech startup founders raise money to scale their startups. Over the span of 6 weeks, we provide founders with the information, structure, and accountability needed to level up their fundraising skills and close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

FG Cohort 14
Founder IdentityAny underrepresented founder
Founder LocationAnywhere in world
Application DeadlineApril 10, 2020
Start DateMay 18, 2020
End DateJune 26, 2020
Training DaysTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Training Times12:00 - 2:00 pm PST

Cohort Tuition

Founder Gym does not take equity in startups; we are an application and fee-based training program. Just like college, you must apply to be admitted, and if accepted, a tuition fee is required. The FG Cohort is a professional development opportunity for tech startup founders who are ready to make an investment in their growth.

Pay In Full

Pay in full and receive a BONUS training from Founder Gym's CEO, Mandela SH Dixon
$ 2,000 one-time
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Divide your tuition into 5 bi-weekly payments
$ 500

What Founders Are Saying 

Kristina Williams, CEO of ZiM
FG Cohort 6 Graduate

"It's wild to think this time last year I first decided to become a tech entrepreneur and had just applied to Founder Gym! Now just 1 year later, Prototype ✅, Team ✅, Advisory Board ✅, 200+ pre-registered brands ✅, press seeking us ✅. We would not be here without you!"

Lauren Powers, CEO of GullyBurst
FG Cohort 11 Graduate

"BY FAR, the network. It's worth TWICE the amount of money, seriously. We are connected to some heavy hitters both in the cohort and outside of the cohort. So I must say, I'm honored to be attached to such bad asses."

John Doan, CEO of Mobility for All
FG Cohort 11 Graduate

"It is inspiring to see and hear from successful founders who are coming from communities that are under represented in the startup world. This includes the expert FG trainers, FG alums and especially my fellow cohort 11 members. This experience gave me the push to leave the safe harbor of my day job and embrace my role as the full-time founder and CEO of Mobility 4 All."

Laura Aiken Tett, CEO of Tusk
FG Cohort 10 Graduate

"Before Founder Gym I felt overwhelmed by all the material available about fundraising. All the different opinions made it difficult to apply. Founder Gym provided me the confidence and motivation I needed to create a clear path for myself."

Heber Miguel, CEO of Eber Health
FG Cohort 10 Graduate

"Prior to FG, I didn't understand fundraising. I would present my company in hopes of funding, but through the FG experience realized I was doing it all wrong. I learned how to best position my company as a valuable investment vehicle for investors and how to articulate that."

Donna Sanders, CEO of Social Solar
FG Cohort 10 Graduate

"If you'd like to LEARN from the best trainers in the startup ecosystem, CREATE great fundraising documents, and JOIN a community of excellent founders, Founder's Gym is the way to go!"

DuMarkus Davis, CEO of Musicbuk
FG Cohort 11 Graduate

"The best part of the FG experience was the camaraderie among the cohort. As a founder, I have often felt alone and coming into a digital accelerator, I wasn't sure what to expect of getting to know my colleagues, but the design of the FG experience eliminates all of the apprehension and allows us as founders to shine and revel in our uniqueness."

Heli Prilliman, CEO of Lacquerbar
Founder Gym Cohort 3 Graduate

"After Founder Gym, I successfully raised $50K right out of the gate and my company’s momentum totally changed. Today , we’re so excited to be wrapping up our $1M seed round! None of this would have happened without Founder Gym - I’m forever grateful and will be stanning them for life!”

Isaiah Johnson, CEO of Project Beanstalk

"During the cohort, I gained such a positively stimulating amount of information about fundraising, investors, legal prep, pitching, networking, nationwide communities, and more!"

Susan Sierota, CEO of Waggit
FG Cohort 1 Graduate

"I love the Founder Gym mission and they back that up with true industry expertise, amazing VC resources who tell it like it is, and a structure of peer support that will last well beyond the month’s cohort. Highly recommend it for a founder looking to expand their reach."

Irving Chin, CEO of Tassel Software
FG Cohort 1 Graduate

"Founder Gym gave me the confidence to start speaking about a bigger vision, which I a bit apprehensive to do because it seemed ambitious. But thanks to some lightbulb moments listening to FG’s Expert Trainers, I started going with the bigger vision and now know how to capture investors attention."

Sevetri Wilson, CEO of Resilia
FG Cohort 1 Graduate

"Because of Founder Gym, I was able to craft a more concise pitch that now speaks to what investors care most about. I was also able to compare my deck to other founders, which helped me make significant improvements. I started FG at the same time I began raising our seed round, and because of the program, I am so much better prepared for my upcoming pitches."

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