Money Mindset

It takes a particular mindset to turn your business into a Money Magnet. If you continue to take the same actions, you will continue to get the same results. It’s time to level up your thinking and master a money mindset.

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Money Types

There are many ways a business can make money. The more ways you know how to bring in capital, the stronger your business will be to survive market changes. You cannot predict the future, but you can be as prepared as possible to make money in it.

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"From Side-Hustler to Full-Time Entrepreneur"

Grew business to a nine-figure acquisition deal with Unilever

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During this FG Master Class, you will learn how to transition from part-time hustler to full-time entrepreneur, operating a successful business that generates money and creates wealth.

Money Discipline

It does not matter how much you learn. If you do not have the structure in place to consistently take action on what you know, nothing will change. Transforming your business into a Money Magnet requires implementing a few key daily disciplines.

Tuesday, November 17th at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST

During the live training, you will have the opportunity to join the Money Magnet Program, Founder Gym's groundbreaking new program that helps founders learn how to fuel their dreams by creating reliable revenue streams.

During this live session, Paige will interview Jaime so you can use the gems dropped to turn your part-time dream into a full-time reality that makes money [without prior experience as a business owner]!

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Our expertise, curriculum, and community are helping side-hustlers, social media influencers, small business owners, non-profit leaders, and startup founders get results. It doesn't matter where you start. We're here to help your business make money.

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